Current Production

Dick Whittington

Venue: Westerham Hall

Performance dates: 26th November – 3rd December 2022

Matinees at 2:30pm on Sunday 27th November and Saturday 3rd December

Tickets:  £12.50 (Adult) and £7.50 (Child)

Our story follows a poor orphan, Dick, and his fellow companion, Tom the cat, as they go to seek their fortune in London where the streets are supposedly paved with Gold.

In London Dick finds work, and love, at the House of Alderman Fitzwarren, his daughter Alice, their cook Sarah and her son Idle Jack. Unfortunately, things go wrong thanks to the meddling of King Rat, and Dick soon finds himself jobless again heading back home. He reaches Highgate Hill where he hears the Bow Bells prophesying his fortune. He and Tom return to London and join a ship’s crew sailing on Alderman Fitzwarren’s merchant ship to Morocco. The ship sinks and the crew are washed ashore. They find themselves in the Palace of the Sultana, it is discovered that the Palace is overrun with Rats. Tom being an excellent ratter, rids them of the
rats and, in return, the Sultana bestows great wealth on Dick. They return home, and Dick and Alice marry.